Best Types of Toys for Dogs

Best types of toys for dogs

Published on: 2023-02-21

Toys are a most when you have pets, for dogs you can find a big variety of toys but you need to select them depending of the stage and personality of your dog. For puppies you are going to need specific kind of toys because they are more active and adventurer so they are going to need toys that can stimulate them but it’s also a good idea to select it depending on their other benefits like dental protection and durability. Most owners gain an understanding of their dogs preference with the time so is easy to know what type of toy they like or need.

Some of the most used are:


Dogs love to chase balls but puppies are more eager to chase them. Most dogs love to play by themselves chasing the ball but others love to play ball with their owners. This is a great opportunity to bond with your pet and also relieve stress if you had a difficult day. Just make sure that the ball has the appropriate size for your dog, don’t gave small balls to a big dog because they can swallow them and choke.

Squeaky toys

Most dogs love squeaky toys, they can be annoying and load but they love it. Some dogs just play with them and love to hear the sound but others just try to remove the squeaky balloon that makes the toy sound. On one way or other they still love playing with those that it could be balls or just stuff animals with squeaky balloons inside.

Rubber Rings

Rubber Rings are pretty safe for dogs, always having in mind the size of your dog, small toys could be dangerous for big dogs and on the same ways big toys for small dogs could damage their jaw, other than that this toys are tough, chewy and last longer.

Treat Ball and Kong

Every dog plays differently and, since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. With this type of toy you can use treats or just feed your dog’s regular diet. If you feed dry food, just toss it in and you’re good to go, or you can plug the hole of a Kong with canned food and freeze it for an even longer-lasting meal.

Chew Toys

Chewing help dogs to deal with anxiety and boredom, this activity helps hyper dogs to calm down. On the other hand puppies normally chew because they are teething and this help them to relieve pain, so this kind of toys are pretty good for dogs and is important that you provide them with a plenty of safe appropriate things to chew. They are a lot of options for chew toys, so which one to pick it has to go with the personality of your dog. If your dog destroy quickly their toys you should use Edible chews or Rubber Toys but if they just love to play with it you can go with Balls or Stuffed Toys too.


Many dogs love to play tug of war, this exercise provides great mental and physical exercise for your dog and it also reinforce the bond with their owners. It’s always best to use a rope made out of natural fibers for your dog toys just in case that they swallow part of it.

Stuffed Toys

Most dogs love to play with stuffed animal toys, these are harmless if they are designed specifically for pets. Dogs love to carry their stuffed toys around their owners to express their desire of play with them. They also love the sound of some stuffed toys that imitate small animals sounds. Each dog has a unique personality so they are going to have different preference for type of toys they like to play but most of the time they just want to play with their owners. Remember to choose their toys carefully to suit their unique personality, style, environment and monitor their toys regularly.