Dogs With Blue Eyes

Dogs With Blue Eyes

Published on: 2023-04-20

Dogs with blue eyes are relatively rare, as most dogs have brown, amber, or other darker colored eyes. Blue eyes in dogs are typically associated with certain breeds and genetic traits. Here are some dog breeds that are known to occasionally have blue eyes:

  • Siberian Husky: Blue eyes are a characteristic trait of Siberian Huskies. In fact, it’s quite common for Huskies to have one or both eyes blue, although some may also have eyes of different colors, or even both eyes of a different color.

  • Australian Shepherd: Blue eyes can also be seen in some Australian Shepherds. This breed is known for its striking coat colors and patterns, and blue eyes can be a part of that unique appearance.

  • Border Collie: Although most Border Collies have brown eyes, some may also have blue eyes. Blue-eyed Border Collies are relatively rare, but they do exist.

  • Alaskan Malamute: Occasionally, Alaskan Malamutes may have blue eyes. Alaskan Malamutes are large, strong dogs bred for sled pulling and are known for their thick fur and wolf-like appearance.

  • Catahoula Leopard Dog: This breed, which originated in the southern United States, is known for its unique coat pattern and striking eyes. Catahoula Leopard Dogs may have blue eyes or even “marbled” eyes, which are eyes with multiple colors.

It’s important to note that while blue eyes can be a striking and beautiful feature in dogs, they are also associated with some health concerns, such as increased sensitivity to sunlight and potential vision issues. If you are interested in a dog with blue eyes, it’s essential to do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization to ensure that the dog is healthy and well-cared for.